Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Time Photo

Mom had this photo taken of us when we were at the Puyallup fair this year. Papa felt sorry that I didn't have any good pictures of me posted so, he sent me this.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Opening Day Weekend 2008

Joyce (Grandma), Eric and Megan playing a game.
Ryan telling Grandpa Lee and Grandpa Gary a story.
Maddie, dirty face girl.
Eric, Megan and Ryan
Dad and Megan
My fish.
My Dad.

Opening Day 2008 Scavanger Hunt

Andee planned a scavanger hunt for the kids this year. It was so fun! She drew up the map, placed all the plastic insects and bought prizes for them...it was so cool. Everyone had a great time.

Ben found an antler that a deer had shed (sorry I didn't get a picture of it). He also found a pair of sunglasses and a broken lawn chair....he didn't keep those but he did wear the sunglasses for about an hour.

Opening Day 2008 pictures of me

In my family I'm the picture taker....which means there are hardly any pictures of me. So, I tell Eric please make sure to get some pictures of me this trip. These are the wonderful pictures my husband took, aren't they flattering? Look at the care that he took to make sure the lighting was perfect. The second picture is my favorite...it was taken through the window of the motorhome. I should give him a break because he was high on smores at the time (which were chased down with several beers) but still....I think he could have done a little better : )

Opening Day 2008 - Smores

Maddie, Ryan and Megan. We gave Maddie and Ryan their Disneyland souvenirs.
Roasting to perfection takes patience.
Maddie, you got something on your face.
Megan you got something in your hair.

Cedar River

I see a face.

Stuart, Jenna and Beth
Beth, Jenna & Megan
Megan and Papa

San Deigo Wildlife Park

Monday, September 15, 2008


This morning at the bus stop I asked Megan how my outfit looked:

Me: Does this look ok?

Megan: Yeah, it looks good. Are you going to put make up on?

Me: Yes. So, it looks o.k.?

Megan: Your really need make up on.