Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Yep, I've been tagged, first by Christine and then by Jenn. So, here are 7 random facts about me:

1. My middle name is Theresa.

2. Generally speaking, I like animals more that people.

3. About a hour after I met my husband I heard a voice say...he will give you your blued eyed babies...and he did, just one so far. I was actually dating someone else at the time and I had asked him to go out with me and my girl friends that night and he said no, at that moment I heard the same voice I would hear later say....your going to meet someone tonight. Yes, it's strange hearing voices and all but, I thought the strangest part about it was, Eric really wasn't my type (at the time that is)...but I couldn't argue with the voice in my head and the rest is history.

4. My dad set my hair on fire when I was a teenager and blamed me for wearing to much hairspray. My dad and I were sitting on the couch and my boyfriend Lon was sitting on the chair kiddy corner for us. My dad takes out his lighter and starts sparking the flint in my ear. I told're going to set my hair on fire, stop it. He just kept doing it, then all the sudden...puff my hair was on fire. So, I jump up and was going to head in to the kitchen to put water on the flames and he grabs me in a head lock and starts smacking my head to put out the fire. Then after is was out he blamed me for wearing to much hairspray. Lon was laughing so hard and so was my dad, I was not laughing.

5. My dad also, stabbed a cocktail sword in the end of my nose. My mom, dad, Lon and myself were all having dinner at Mazatlan Mexican restaurant. My dad ordered a Mexican beer that came with a lime wedge that the little sword was stuck in. He, being the funny guy he is, started bending the sword back like he was going to launch it at me. I told him to stop it, he was going to poke me eye out. Did he listen to my warning, of course not...the next thing I know there's a cocktail sword stuck the end of my nose. I had to pull it out, it was literally stuck in the end of my nose. Again, Lon and my dad we laughing the butts off.

6. I am related to Mary Queen of Scots, on my mom's side of the family.

7. I was kicked out of Jr. High in my second year of ninth grade and had to go to an Alternative High School. That story is way to long to tell here. You will just have to watch my blog for the whole's a good one. I do have to say I loved my High School and I really learned a lot there.

At this point I am supposed to tag a few more people but, I don't know any other bloggers to tag. But, if you want to e-mail me with seven random facts about yourself I would love it or leave it in the comments area of the blog.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Photo for Jenn's Challenge #3

This picture was taken in my backyard in November of last year. There was a herd of about 15 elk all grazing away. It was so cool! This is my favorite picture. I took about 30 pictures, all of them were taken through my windows.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mmmm, Hot Fruit Snacks...

This was a very busy weekend for us, we had a sock hop at Megan's school on Friday, two birthday parties and dinner at my mom's house on Saturday.

The sock hop was fun, everyone was dressed up in their fifties best. There was dancing, they did the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. Megan learned the unofficial words to the chicken dance.....I don't want to be a chicken, I don't want to be a duck so kiss my butt. She thought that was great and continued to sing it for most of the night.

Megan's friend Abby had brought some fruit snacks to the dance, the smaller size packs, and gave a package to Megan. Megan gobble most of the pack up right away, the rest went in my pocket for safe keeping. I didn't think she needed to eat the whole pack in 1.1 seconds.

We had a fun time at the dance and went home to get Megan's things together so she could spend the night at Grandma's house. Grandma is taking Megan to her first birthday party of the weekend, so I could stay home because I am recovering from a cold and I am protesting the start time of the party....9:30 in the morning it a little too early for us. We would have had to leave the house at 8:00 in the morning to make it to the party on thanks. The party is for Megan's cousin on Grandma's side of the family, and the party is close to Grandma's house.....I just wanted to get that out there, I don't want people to think that I'm taking advantage of Grandma. My husband and I drive Megan out to his parents' house, we visit for a while and head the time we get home it's almost 11:00, so we head straight to bed because Eric has to work in the morning and I'm tired from the Sock Hop.

The next day I'm enjoying my morning, reading my book in bed and just lounging in general. I wrap the present for birthday party number two, everything's I just need to get dressed. I throw my jeans in the dryer (to freshen them up) and go put some make up on. I have about 15 minutes to spare before I have to head to the south end to get Megan so, we can get to the second party on time.

I'm all ready to go, I just need to get my pants out of the dryer...I even have my socks on....I open the dryer and I get this whiff of hot fruit. What is that? FRUIT SNACKS!! They're melted to my dryer and my pants. I can't believe it did that, but I did. I clean out the dryer...while they are still warm and get my jeans in the wash. I have to completely re-think my outfit, which is more irritating than finding melted fruit snacks in the dryer.

We made it to the party and had a great time. We had a yummy dinner at my mom's house to end our busy Saturday. Sunday we hung out and did some yard work, after which I did a load of laundry and guess dryer still smells like hot fruit.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Beaver Story

This is one of Jenn's favorite stories....

Back in October I was sitting in my dining room talking with Megan's Papa, when Megan yells out with excitement, "there's a beaver in our back yard"....our dogs had been barking so, I run out to the back yard, I don't see anything but, I do hear some brush moving but, that was animal sighting.

I went back in the house and talked to Megan about what she saw, she was adamant that it was a beaver! She said it was a lot bigger than our cats but, not as big as or dogs (we have big dogs)...she was sure it had a flat tail. We went round and round about it, Papa and I didn't think that it was a beaver but, we didn't want to discourage her about what she saw. The smart girl she is could tell by the questions we were asking that we didn't believe her.

That evening Megan told my husband she saw a "wild beaver". So, every time my husband went outside he would say...."I really hope I don't get attacked by a wild beaver, I don't think I could handle it". There were several more jokes about the wild beaver for the next couple of days.

We decided to go out to breakfast on Saturday morning.....we leave early because we only have one good breakfast place in town and it's small and fills up fast. It's very popular with the locals. Anyway, we were about a 1/2 to a mile from our house when we see a dead animal in the road...a big one. We drive by it, I don't look 'cause I hate seeing dead animals...and my husband whispers to me..."I think that's a beaver". Megan is in the back seat, she didn't see it but, she could hear us whispering about it. We mentioned that we weren't sure but, we think that the animal in the road could be a beaver.

We had a very good breakfast and on the way back home we made sure to take a good look at the poor dead animal. YES...IT WAS A BEAVER! We all looked at it with amazement. All Megan could say was....I told you I saw a beaver. She pointed out the big flat tail, it was really cool to see it (very sad that it was dead). Now the talk changed you think that was my beaver?....Megan was pretty sure it wasn't her beaver because she said her's was black and this one was clearly brown. My husband with all his worldly knowledge tells her...when beavers are dry their hair is brown but, when beavers are wet their hair is black. WHY! Why would he say that to her....all he had to say right that's not your beaver. Good thing Megan is as head strong as she is because she didn't believe him. However, we haven't had any wild beaver sitings since.

I have to say, this story is a lot funnier when I tell it, instead of writing know with all the inflection and on certain words and little looks to really sell the innuendo.

I'm not a confident writer, I'm very self conscious about it....this blog stuff should help me get through that.
New to this blog stuff.... Well, everyone's doing, I'm going to do it, too. That philosophy isn't what I normally live by but, I thought I would give it a try (blogging that is). My friend Jenn does it and she now has a small group of people that she has on her list and I would really like to be on that list. I'm not jealous or anything...I just think that it looks like fun and I don't want to miss out on it.So, my blog journey begins......