Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christmas Eve

Me and Megan looking at photo album the Florida Lillys made for Grandpa and Shirley.

This picture was actually taken Christmas morning...Megan gave Stuart one present to open on Christmas Eve, in front of the whole family. When he opened it everybody busted up laughing...he was so embarrassed (why, it's just poop) he decided it would be good to wrap it up and leave to to re-open on Christmas morning.

The opening of "What's your poo telling you"!!!

Florida Lillys: Stuart (my mom's brother) Janet, Beth and Jenna.

The ladies in red are Shirley's (my grandpa's wife) moms....mother (Betty) and step mother (Janette). Sitting next to them is my Grandpa and Shirley. A funny thing about Janette and Betty is that all the years that Cliff (Shirley's dad) and Janette were married, Betty and Janette were never in the same room but after Cliff passed away they have no problem hanging out with each other. They really acted like old friends.

Left to Right (around the table): Janet, Megan, Mom, Doug & Gary (Ed's brothers), Stuart, Grandpa, Shirley, Betty, Janette, Harry (Ed's brother) Ed or Papa, Beth, Jenna and Eric.....where's Melanie?

Picture of our Christmas tree but look outside....it snowed all day and all night. My mom's car was stuck in the snow in our driveway and Eric had to tow them out.

Circus Clown Jake

Megan was playing dress up with Jake. I think this picture is so funny...doesn't his tongue make it look like he has a clown nose?


This year we had Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house. We had a good time visiting with the family. It's so nice that Eric's family and my family get along. And that even though my mom and dad are divorced and my mom is re-married they all get along fine. We even include Ed's (mom's husband) brothers...which makes for big get togethers.
The food was good...the turkey was mostly cooked.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Megan and Ginger, the moment they first met. Ginger is just 7 weeks old in this picture. It was snowing the evening we picked her up.
Where's Ginger? She's the same size as Megan's Webkinz....too cute!

Ginger and Pete, they have a love hate relationship....they constantly fight over this bed. The finally shared. I have a video from the night before of them fighting, I just need to learn how to post it.

Bobbie and Ginger, we didn't set Ginger on Bobbie...Ginger climbs all over Bobbie and she lets her. She loves her, Bobbie is such a sweet girl. Notice there aren't any pictures of Jake with Ginger....Jake barely tolerates Ginger.
Ginger's cute, but she can be a hand full.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Greger's Chinese New Year Party

Amy and Casey

Wiktor and ?...she was really nice, can't remember her name. However, I do remember her and her husband love Dexter and California cation.

Dueling Bloggers! Do you see Eric holding up the wall. After this picture the Tequila came out!

We had a great time! The food was awesome and the blueberry martinis were excellent (the pomegranate martinis were good, too). It was a great place to spend our 11 year Anniversary!
We don't have a picture of it but one of my favorite moments of the night is when Moosey smacked Megan on the butt twice and then with a smile, told her "I'm not afraid of you!". It was funny, Moosey is 5 years old and about a foot shorter than Megan.

Me and Amy
There are more pictures but they are banned from the Internet!
Thank You, Amy and Wiktor for throwing such a great party!