Saturday, June 28, 2008

Arkansas Fishin'

We were fishing at my Aunt Cheryl's pond, it was evening and the sun was quickly going down.
This is my Aunt Cheryl, she doesn't like having her picture taken. I'm sure she's going to love seeing it here.
Grandpa Lee and Megan

Who's the dork with the fish? I did catch bigger fish but, there was a contest for catching the smallest fish and I think I may have done it....if you ask Aunt Cheryl she probably won but, who's askin'. The contest got started when Megan saw one of Aunt Cheryl's fish and said, "that's the smallest fish ever". The fish are all Large Mouth Bass. They have had a drought for 5 years and the pond has died off several all the big bass and catfish have died :(. The pond has been restocked and should be on it's way back soon. Megan and I had a great time fishing with my dad and Aunt Cheryl. It was wonderful watching the sun go down, hearing all the frogs and fishin' with family.
Aunt Cheryl we love you and we miss you!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pete it's short for Peter

Will the real Petey please stand up. This is the sweetest cat ever, he thinks he's a dog. He doesn't purr when he's happy he drools. I raised him from a tiny baby and had to bottle feed him and his 3 brothers. I found them outside my old work, their mom had left them behind. I found homes for his brothers but I couldn't give Pete away, he was just so sweet. When he was little his name was Sweet Pea but, it wasn't masculine enough so we changed it to Pete (Peter really). I was joking with my mom one day about re-naming him...I told her that we named him Peter cause he has one, we both laughed. Then a few days later we were with Eric's parents and Megan tells Grandma we changed Pete's name to Peter because he has one and she laughed....I was shocked, I thought she was in her bedroom when my mom and I were laughing about Peter. Megan was 2 1/2 at the time. I will have to post some pictures of Pete and Megan when they were both little, they're really cute.

Our Dogs

This is Emma, she's loves Eric the most. She was our first dog and the only reason we have her is because I wanted her, Eric didn't want a dog....she was supposed to be mine and love me more but, no. She loves him and he loves it. She's going to be 11 in August.

Bobby...short for Roberta, I love her and she loves me. She is full of energy and she loves to play fetch. I got her from a family who didn't treat he very well, she was about 8 month old at the time. Emma really needed a friend to be with during the day while we were at work and Bobby needed a home so it all worked out for the best...Eric didn't want her either.

Megan and the dogs having a snack under a tree. The third dog is Jake, Eric didn't want him either. Jake is great with Megan, he loves her. If we're outside and you say where's Megan he will go find her. He's sneaky smart. Jake has a long story attached to him...I will save that for another time and include some pictures so you can see his face. He has very light brown eyes, he's a handsome boy.

Eric has a correction and addition to the post....he wanted Emma, the others he didn't. He does love all of them now and he lets them out every morning.